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Meals are provided at no extra cost. Meat is from a local farm, fruit and vegetables are from the market or homegrown. Cakes, pies etc. are home made. Fruit is always available for snacks and children have their own cups or beakers for water and kept topped up throughout the day. Children help to set the table and encouraged to help each other. I ensure good table manners are encouraged and observed regardless of whether we are sitting at the table or on a rug in the park.

Breakfast can be provided, negotiated at the time of interview, this usually stops when a child is 1 year or unless the day starts earlier than usual. A hot meal is provided in the middle of the day and tea around 4pm. This may be sandwiches, various choices on toast, homemade pastries or pizza.

Children are also involved in preparing food as part of a theme or an activity. We eat foods from around the world using authentic plates, bowls or eating utensils.

I have references from past and present parents that may be read on request. A couple of quotes follow: -

“Penelope and her daughter, Sophie, in their own time came to our son’s baptism in November and birthday party in January, this proves to us that Penelope cares for our son and childcare is not “just a job “ for her.”

“Penelope provides an environment for our children to grow and develop during their time with her. We can not offer any improvement or highlight any areas for change, as we are extremely pleased with the care she gives our children.”


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